vinegar and presevation-political parties

May 18, 2007 § 12 Comments

We are a democratic country.I respect the past leaders,the nation flag,anthem,emblem and everything in between.

But what about the political parties?

Every other agenda in the country has a political back drop.The loons called politicians trigger mobs in large numbers against the country.Fully armed with good underground crooks and a bag full of mesmerising lies,they come to power and sometimes(or is it mostly) they win by booth capturing.The word democratic,is just a word,like any other.The aam admi(apparently the mango seller) doesn’t know or care about democracy.All he cares is to earn a lively hood,for him as long as no one asks him questions and troubles his lively hood he doesn’t need to care.For him if ever there is a treat of invasion,its effects will be know only when a)bombs are dropped or b) the invaders come around with a gun. he doesn’t need to bother about where the country is going or of some darn nuke deal.If there had been no electricity,he would still be happy.He doesn’t give a damn about who the hell is ruling the country.

so why is this post titled vinegar and preservation?

simple the mango seller’s mangoes are preserved by the political parties.They do even more than that actually,they help the country to develop.They preserve the culture,in which the mango seller has been brought up, where certain issues are censored and not allowed to be addressed publicly.Where children dieing because of AIDS can’t be addressed.

they also preserve ‘the culture’ which was created to suit them.they stir the communal disputes and also trigger the unity policy.They will go to any extent to be in power and in front of the media,which is ready sensationalize anything and everything.

IIT’s and IIM’s are to have reservation,to help preserve the illiteracy and poor quality of life.I have never seen a political leader being treated by a doctor who is has studied under the quota.I mena no offense,everyone needs to come up.This can’t be done by reservation or by increasing the education cess to 3%,this can be done by getting good teachers and installing something called as a culture.I don’t mean western to say a culture from another country but a culture which will teach people that to urinate in road sides is indecent and disease can spread.

I think this should be titled as urea preservation.If we want the country to grow,we need to install manners,which will benefit the country on the whole,there is no need to give gas stoves asd Tv’s rather light the lamp.For this get good teachers who love their job and who will help keep students from poor social backgrounds in school.

I think the preservative needs to be changed ,time to change it.


§ 12 Responses to vinegar and presevation-political parties

  • Rauf says:

    Its working Vishesh, This country is alive. Alive and Working, India ia a miracle country. You are living in relative comfort in the south. If you see Bihar Orissa UP MP Rajasthan, you will wonder how this country is running and who is running it ? The fact is The country is running by itself. The people are amazing and so adjusting all the injuries The vultures are causing. These Vultures get elected and they eat us. The real vultures will sue me and take me to court for comparing them to our politicians. The vultures eat only the dead. But our politicians eat everything.
    the people are the strength of the country. they may piss on the road.
    And the people who don’t piss on the road are selfishly grabbing dollars abroad. They deafeat reservation get a degree and rush to the US embassy. With Dollars in both their hands they say ‘Vande Maatram’ ‘Mera Bharat Mahaan’
    India is in my heart where ever I go.
    How convenient !!
    Still the country is running with all the loss of brains which is badly needed here. They follow untouchability and have contempt for lower cast, but they don’t mind
    slavery abroad.
    the country is bleeding and dragging itself but it is alive and working. i am proud of being aan India. i will live here until i die. I don’t even have a passport.

  • vishesh says:

    what you say is true…the heart of the land will keep beating….but the vultures may get to it…it is the love of every indian for the land,that keeps it going….i think if they continue like this,that love would be taken away…..

    making money abroad…my aunt came back from the US a couple of yrs back and has re settled here….They didn’t like the american way of living….

    the truth is rauf,i have a neighbor who’s son was forced to US by his father because he wasn’t studying here….though his father is successful buisness man he went over there and earned by doing small jobs and studied…

    i don’t what to infer from that…

    people don’t want to pay tax because they feel they are getting cheated….

    as you say…it is still going some how…i know we are living in comfort in the south…when i went maharashtra i saw what you mean…..

  • Hip Grandma says:

    Good thinking and I cannot disagree with anything mentioned in your post.Rauf has said many things that can neatly summed up in one line.’India with every government office included is a functional anarchy.Teachers and I mean the good ones, are a disillusioned lot.Students seem to want short cuts for every thing and I feel this is because of falling values and the breakdown of protocol in our system.We have parents who tell their wards that they just need to appear for the exam.They have the right connections to see that they get a first division and these are not well to do parents or politicians.They are the ordinary middle class lot.It is a prestige to announce that they are able to get their job done by offering the appropriate amount as bribe.The core issue is ‘how may the value system be improved?’Let us try to find out how each of us may help.Teachers need better salary and much more accontability than what is prevalent now.Will think seriously abt the points raised.Thanks for including me.

  • vishesh says:

    bribery in india as you say is pride.How much is your bribing capacity?how good are you at bringing the rates down? have the real estate market is running in bribery.

    teachers need more salary.

    i agree.i also say that they should be tested every now and then so that we know if they are coping up with the change…last year a teacher almost made me hate my favorite subject-social.It is one subject which as far as my memory goes i don’t need to study,thanks specially to the teaching methods…but last year we had a teacher who was clear partial and who cut 30 marks for me in an exam without explanation,explaning this to parents is tough,since they feel we are trying to cook up stuff….

    to improve the value system….well i doubt there is any concrete way,see for example today’s order against ragging in SC.

  • Rachel says:

    I am a teacher.

    The kids here in the US don’t pee in the streets, but their behaviors are pathetic. My school is an exception as it is full of “high-risk” students; i.e., students who run the risk of dropping out of school.

    My students are not motivated. It’s very challenging to teach today. What takes a teacher a week to teach, the Discovery Channel could cover in 1 hour- with the students’ eyeballs glued to the screen.

    Here, we have a different problem. Here, students realize that reading, writing, math, social studies, and science are completely disconnected from the real world- they have no value on the streets. They do not see education as a means of getting ahead- they see it as an inconvenience- something that is getting in the way of them living their lives.

    They are forced to go to school- even if they don’t want to. So, that leaves teachers dealing with the inappropriate behaviors that are a result of their desire to be anywhere but in school.

    Teachers are overworked and underpaid. They are left to try to clean up the messes caused by past generations’ poor choices. Teachers cannot do it alone. The need everyone on board. They need parents volunteering in the classrooms. One person cannot adequately provide individual attention to 30 unique people all by themselves.

  • vishesh says:

    you tell in a class room there are 30 people,in india in most of the top schools it is between 40-60.Yet the teachers give attention to everyone.

    in india the school is the only way to success.You cannot achieve anything over here.Everyone knows that,and kids go to tuition centers as the teachers don’t teach properly.If you aren’t bright enough to learn on your own,you need to spend more and more money,but there is no other way out.

  • --Sunrise-- says:

    “If you aren’t bright enough to learn on your own,you need to spend more and more money” – arrrrrrrrrr.. I am not entirely sure why, as this does not affect me (I am a Telugu girl in the UK), but this annoys me no end. Possibly because it is so (increasingly) difficult to get into higher education here, and there people are in my homeland easily sailing into education because their financial status allows them to do so. A member of my family also got into higher education (medical school in Chennai.. you are from Chennai?) by paying those fees (don’t know what they are called), despite having failed the medical entrance. He may be family and he may be a good person at heart, but that is not what I am disputing, and I am still annoyed. lol.

    Today I read an article on TOI, on how PG medical students were selling their seats. !! What is that about? Is that the way to produce ‘good’ (I appreciate that the meaning of good doctors varies so much, especially if you’re in India – I should know, I have seen/heard a fair deal about it, though by no means a lot.. but still!) doctors? Based on their financial status? Is this how India – a population of over one billion (what is the current figure? I have not a clue. lol.) – is going to ensure its citizens are as healthy as possible?

    Well, actually, it is understandable if you think about it from their viewpoint – they have three seats, they take up one and they can make a helluva lot of money out of the other ones. Why ever not? You need money, they want seats.. if medical schools can do it, why can’t the medical students do it? lol.

    I prefer the British system. It is more vigorous, you have to work your butt off (not that people in India don’t, of course), and you may not succeed. But at least the bigger picture and the priority of the nation’s well-being is not compromised.

    Heck, why just medical schools – you can buy driver’s licences and heavens knows what else as well now! Jeez.

    But what amazes me (maybe because I am an NRI – I am still trying to figure out the answer to this one lol) is the way India is still chugging along, at its own crazy pace with its crazy hurdles that people don’t seem bothered about.. and people are doing just fine. Perhaps I am not fully ‘qualified’ to say this, as I do not know enough about the Indians’ way of life (ah yes the joys of being an NRI!), but if you look at life at the simplest level, the people are fine. They are more than fine. They are laughing, they are living.. all that jazz just like everyone else. When I see little kids on the roadside, playing with a skipping rope, or with stones.. when I see how content they are in their own little world, it just makes me wonder sometimes – perhaps we are too busy looking at and analysing the bigger picture (which I agree is important), to see and feel the simple joys (which are equally important, and maybe even more, some might argue).

    What was that dialogue in Rang De Basanti? Something to do with adjusting… yeah, that’s it. Indians have a brilliant way of adjusting, wherever they may be – in the US and UK as NRIs or in Bihar and Andhra Pradesh, be it with corruption and bribery… or with following the system…

    Sigh… you just have to smile at the way we do things in our own crazy way! LOL. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Vishesh, this is such an interesting post from you.. made me think. Thank you.

  • --Sunrise-- says:

    Ohh.. and the article, if you’re interested..

  • vishesh says:

    i can see you have been thinking sunrise….but in india the priority of the nation isn’t compromised…think of it this way…the guy who wants the seat goes to a bank takes a loan and pays this guy…this has payed the coll. or whom ever it may concern… he makes a little profit…the first guys parents work and keep paying the bank…this guy some how passes…comes out…he too starts playing so that he can fill the loan and earn a living….the sick person goes a few get killed…but others come home safe…they are happy..they give the guy more money…all this happens in black so everyone is benifiting….

    i may sound heart less but that is the truth i guess…

  • --Sunrise-- says:

    What does “the sick person goes a few” mean?

    I meant the priority of the nation being compromised in a health-related sense.. the guy getting into medical school is only able to do so because he did not pass the entrance test.. showing how he may not be fully capable of learning everything and practising it in medicine…

    i realise that this is, of course, assuming that the medical entrance tests are up to the mark, and that they reflect the ability of the student to be a good doctor… and i know that that is not the case, and that there are other factors which make a good doctor, and there is no saying that after five years of medical school, the guy who didn’t get in by passing will not be as good as a guy who got in by passing… but still. lol.

    and in any case, money plays too large a role in medical practice in India.. and I realise I am saying this while living far away in the UK, but I have seen some of the way different hospitals are in India, and I know some uncles who are doctors there (in AP)..

    hospitals, the majority of them being private unlike in the UK, are like a business in India.. it is important for the doctors to ensure that the patients come back to their hospital if anything goes wrong again, because they need the patients, because they need the money to keep the hospitals going… and add to that the worry about having all the latest medical gadgets, and being high-tech and competing with other hospitals.. and you can see how it gets a little mucky.

    Some doctors (you may have experienced this yourself.. I must have done, at some point or the other that I was there..) like to say you need particular treatment, and unless you get that treatment, your condition will worsen… and the patient, who doesn’t know anything, will have to follow what the doctor says, or go round and get a second opinion from other doctors, and so on… jeezz it is almost like girls and shopping! lol..

    And not all the doctors are honest about what you need, because they need the money from you… one of aunties I know, she has a young girl as a servant, and when she went to the doctor complaining of stomach aches, the doctor said she needed an operation right there right now.. the mother, who was very worried, went and asked the auntie what to do.. and auntie found out that all it was was menstrual cramps!

    Sigh. To take advantage of an innocent girl’s pains like that for money…? Arrrrr. ๐Ÿ˜

    Haaaahah. I typed out a lot again… sorry if this didn’t make sense or was too much information (lol).. just my thoughts. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Take care..

  • vishesh says:

    /* What does “the sick person goes a few” mean? */

    ops sorry typo mistake must ahave been a few people die… ๐Ÿ™‚

    yes what you say is true…hospital is a business in india…but we have a very good doc …who always gives the right opinion and is also responsible for helping our family a lot..

    as for the medi seat i think thats a huge debate…it seems the usual we all know that the test isn’t the final thing and it is mostly crap…

  • So Hum says:

    Most standardized tests are crap! They measure what a person has not learned through a specific socialization process. Just because a person is not socialized a certain way does not mean they lack intelligence are ability. It simply means they were raised under different circumstances than the norm. It is these people, those who are raised outside the norm, who have the greatest potential in changing the system. The standardized tests keep them immobile.

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