May 15, 2007 § Leave a comment

being sharp is considered as a pointy quality.It has always been characters with sharp eyes and sharp brains who solve mysteries.There is the Mr.little grey cells- Poirot.One of the best characters in the world.He and his sitting and thinking method and taking everything in the crime scene habit has always fascinated me.One of my all time favorites will surely be “MURDER IN THE ORIENT EXPRESS”.

Then there was fatty.The master of disguises always solving things before old “clear orf”.George and timmy,the secret seven,the hardy boys..all with great grey cells.

It is amazing to read the books of master mind book writers like frederick forsyth,dan brown,JKR and others who just capture you into their world.Never can you set the book down.When i first read Harry Potter ,i was awake all night waiting for Voldermote to come.On my 11th birthday, i expected to see a snow Owl coming and dropping a invite.

Coming to reality, think of the scientist,the “weird” people.To be constantly thinking of all the things which go on the universe or watching small slimy things all day long,they must have real patients and brain power.To imagine Einstein ,Newton ,Hubble and others itself is a heavy duty for our brain.The funniest must be the math brains,imagine formulas running all around.phew.

The sports stars.The master minds of play-The ronaldos,henrys,zizous,maradonas,peles,ronaldhinos and others in football.Tiger,els,vijay singh and others in golf.Nadal and fedrer in tennis.Anand and the Russians(it takes great effort even to remember their names whose spellings are greek and latin to me) in chess. if you are to put your self in these people’s shoes and try to think like them,you will land up doing some kinda dance.The way they take you into them and make you dance to their tune is amazing.

Then the actors,directors,artists. I believe that all the movies i watch have a hidden clue in there for me.Actors like will smith, jhony ,amir etc give a feeling of “wow!” and leave you with something to think.Amir khan would be my most favorite, the diverse roles he performs are just amazing.

leaving apart the “sharp” people.How sharp are we? what say does human psychology have in the way we move and react? It is just amazing to observe how different people behave to the same kind of things.What does it really take to be one step ahead of others?

I think if we are too sharp we will land up in trouble.But never the less sharp people are those who are adventerous i guess.

I feel like a fool now.well i was atleast sharp enough to remeber these sharp people.


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