oh,its the culture you see!

May 15, 2007 § 10 Comments

The indian culture is the best culture!oh,from the ancient times blah blah…bloody what the hell..is this culture? i am asking you all?

we all have to accept things at the face value.The thing is political parties want to …………………………

fill it up no use ,you know what it is…

what the hell artist getting arrested because of painting “obscene” painting…..and kissing in public is against the culture…oh,great what about all the movies in bolly and kolly woods? like they are all so clean…just try listening few of the songs…you will be wondering where the hell the lyrics are from? the truth is that people want entertainment and the “artist’ are expected…..so much for a culture…what the hell?

don’t think i hate the culture..its just that i hate insanity…there are better things to protect than the “image of the country”…how about people under poverty and helping kinds under AIDS?? see this – God’s forgotten children ..

what do you say?quite a rich culture ha??


§ 10 Responses to oh,its the culture you see!

  • Rauf says:

    can’t read Vishesh.
    i don’t know if the template is not loading or you have chosen white fonts against grey. it shows blue for a second, when i refreshed but it goes back to light grey and the text is not readable
    I kept your page open for ten minutes, still the same, no change.

  • Rauf says:

    Vishesh, please don’t judge the culture by the actions of some misguided clowns. the clowns jokers come and go but the culture stays. We have a great deal of diversity in India. Greeks and Romans successfully came out of their myths, but we Indians are still clinging on.

  • vishesh says:

    what you say is true..how are we going to get rid of these clowns??

    if we don’t that will become our culture…

  • Rachel says:

    Speaking of clowns- Ronald McDonald is still alive and well in the US. Regardless of the alarming rates of cancer, heart disease, atherosclerosis, and diabetes in the US obviously caused by this industry, people are still voting for the clown by eating his food. Now the clown is invading other countries. One thing that irritates me is that when McDonalds invades a country, people will say that America is invading. How can this be? McDonalds is as much of a threat to Americans as it to anyone else.

  • Rauf says:

    Vishesh, do we have McDonalds here ? There is one in Bangalore i suppose.

    Rachel funny coincidence, last night i had one, after perhaps many many years. My niece ordered a few.
    Burgers were introduced in Chennai about 30 years ago. First of all i couldn’t open my mouth so wide, i felt my jaw is locked when i took the first bite. i couldn’t eat the rest, Then sister cut it into small bits, she asked how can any one eat this ? my niece said this is what people eat in America. there were lot of left overs, no one ate, we threw it in the morning.
    i slept with pain in my jaw.

    McDonalds is very expensive, i cannot afford it thankfully, but lot of youngsters don’t mind throwing a lot of money because it is fashionable.

  • Rauf says:

    Rachel, what ever the West is rejecting we are gleefully accepting.

  • vishesh says:


    if we consider a food joint’s explosion as invasion…then india is fully invaded….

    india has much better treats that Mc…like the nuke deal…

  • vishesh says:

    yes rauf there is one b’lore…but not in chennai…if you want to try a burger..try subway 🙂 or better go to spencers daily get the stuff needed to make one…go to a online cookery site or ask one of ur frnds here and make it….i love the burgers my mom makes more than the other stuff ..:)

  • Rachel says:

    Funny stories about McDs, but sad about the nukes. I can’t believe you had lock-jaw from a burger! It should be a written disclaimer on every burger wrapper: “WARNING: May cause diabetes, atherosclerosis, heart disease, cancer and lock-jaw.”

    So, what has the USA been rejecting lately, that you’ve been accepting?

  • vishesh says:

    i have never had the jaw lock problem…….but ya since ppl have certain problems…we should give a disclaimer…

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