language of nature

May 13, 2007 § Leave a comment

nature and colours are synonyms.When we hear the word nature ,we are hit with a slideshow of things which we have seen.(It is just amazing isn’t that the human brain can record things and things and play the write video at the right time?)

before humans started speaking ,we must have thought of things in some form or the other.Colours(the slideshows) must have been the way in which we thought.

every colour provokes a response in us.We sense danger when we see red , feel something is beautiful when it is in our favorite colour etc.Then there are the rainbows and auroral dispersions, sunrise ,sunset which are filled with vivid colours and inspirations.

note the different types of green in this one and the preceding one, all are green yet they prompt different actions.The second one seems more enlightening then the previous one which poses a very dismal story( of man’s actions).

when we see flowers we are taken in by them and lose ourselves in their expressive ever dull or cynical we are,we can never help getting drawn into their expressions.

This flower and the leaves which surround it show the magical effect of nature’s language.The white really sets about a sense of peace in any one.

then there are the insects ,see this one :

though the shot isn’t all that clear(i couldn’t get closer,i had try many times before getting a convincing pose),you can see the differnt colours.The almost brown like legs,the yellow band in their rear, surely that takes a lot to paint?

then we humans,we all seem to be made of different colours.and in that we have so much of contrast.While a few of us are brightly tanned and baked,there are others who are as white as snow.Then their are the idol like people with such a shining black coloured skin,each one of us are so special that i always wonder why we should discriminate.

then the eyes,each with a unique sight.

I have always wanted to know how blind people see things inside their head.How do they tell if something is black or red or what ever? I know it would be offensive to ask them directly,so any answers?

All i can tell is that nature has its own unique language ,called colours.Animals(including humans)make different noises,the common vernacular is colours, no doubt.And all is an illusion.

the light shines the brightest.


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