May 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

aren’t they beautiful??I don’t know why i love taking pictures of nature especially of flowers.In my last trip,i had taken lesser than ten photos with people in it.The little lovely angles if you ask me.You will find one particular type of flower repeat it self,can’t help….

I don’t know the names of the flowers,except one or two,if you know the name please tell me.enjoy!!!

yellow yellow cute yellow!

last flower standing!

this reminds me of that hydra in Hercules.Only thing this too cute!

Mmmmmm…close up on the yellow one….

wild one!!has gone through a lot of things?? i mean the polluted air…joking…

love this angle!

I think this is supposed to be a leaf…but it was colourful enough to make it here..

I think this is called as bird of paradise or something….

tiny people in the world….

to show the height maybe…i don’t know why i took this…

white,has peace….whats this flower??

it took me 25 shoots to get this one right!!

can you spot a thumbalina??

arranged flowers…..

water on a petal….

i like the contrast in this one…the shade and the light…



she was hiding…i caught her….

i didn’t see that one of the flowers was blocking the lens…

real close…to show her i really caught her…

older shots:-


i love this combo….


i haven’t taken this one properly i know…but still i love this…

here a flower,there a flower…every where a flower!


please free to give your opinion…….and if you know the flower’s name plz!!!!! tell me….

hands off to picasa for this and the last post… rocks!


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