six degrees

May 2, 2007 § Leave a comment

it is always amazing to know you live in a petite world.Six degrees seems to prove it.It is said that the distance between any two people on the face of the planet is no more than six steps.But what is the relevance of six degrees in our blogosphere?

so i have come up with a definition the distance between any two blogs is within six blog rolls.I started blogging seriously only from august. One of the first blogs i read was visitors.i admit i started reading blogs which were mentioned there and so it would be no suprise if i found them all to be linked to each other.But slowly as i became comfortable with this virtual yet a real world,i started exploring.I happened to find Quasar 9 through a blog which i was passing.later i saw that he was linked to mystic rose.The funny thing is without knowing i was moving in a circuit,the blogs i keep visiting some how or the other lead one of the blogs which i am already reading.There seems to be almost little gap in this huge gigantic honey comb world.there are of course the celb blogs such as paulo’s.Here again the blogging six degrees is seen.

so the conclusion is simple none of us are more than six blog rolls away.

have a nice day.cheers 🙂


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