uses of my mobile

April 30, 2007 § Leave a comment

1.stress/tension ball.

2.for playing catch. Either by throwing on the wall or by flinging it in the air.

3.sweat absorber.when i happen to use it While/after playing.(90 % while playing). i am really hungry or even when i am tensed.(i know i know it is unhygienic,but it at least makes me a little disease resistant )

5.irritating people(purposely dropping it or playing catch.)

6.wake up people at mid night(i doubt it now days…i think they have it in silent mode or switch it off..)

it actually has more..but i seem to have forgotten them…

if you are having a problem(mike not working or disturbing noises,keypad not working etc) with your phone please try back spinning it on the wall or dropping it*.

try it even if your phone is alright,you may get a automatic off when some one not needed calls(like mom’s phone does).

*not applicable for slim phones,flip phones,i phones or things above 9000 Rs.


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