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MIND:-the conscious which prompts the reply for all stimuli(chemical and physical).for different things the mind acts differently,it is what we can call the brain,yet it is more,since it is what we use to think and feel our emotions and can be said,the first and main part of the self(the human body){during the development of a zygote or shall we say a child the brain is formed first,and it is proven that the full evolution repeats it self,during the formation,thus i arrived at the conclusion}.

HEART:-the voice within us.IT is what keeps us under check,it can be called as the origin of intutions,it leads you when you are in trouble,what your heart says is what it is best to do.The heart is what i believe the voice of the soul,it choices when to say what and sometimes may sound utter nonsense but everything has a meaning.It triggers many things in you,it is what helps when you are uncertain or completely down and out.

SOUL:-the spark of the supreme being,the divine self in us.It is there in all,thus making us all one with it.Yet each soul has a body,like the leaves of a tree(though all are a part of the huge tree and respond together,they all are different)each part of the fire is made of a different compositions,the soul present in us is like that,each is out to gain experience and has manifested itself for a reason,it is what the body undergoes,the soul takes in.one of the alvars nammalvarhas said that the soul eats and that ,it lives (அத்தெ தின்று அஃதெ வாழும்)that is whatever the body is like the soul will eat and live with it.

How come a soul needs a fuel?
the fire is always there all you need is a fuel and something to light it,congruent to this is the need of something for the soul to exibit itself.The body becomes the fuel,the earth,people,animals,plants surroundings(which provoke the emotions and characterism) and our mind become the lighter.IF you hurt your body or put it under stress or any other torture,the soul accepts it.But the reaction of the soul to this can be felt only by the individual.If the events on the earth are pre-set then the journey ,the yatra(pilgrimage)which it has to travel it is aware of.
Each soul is is different,so what it has to go through it does,the heart makes sure of this.IF all have the same set of the guidelines,it would be the same old thing.So the mind choices the best surroundings which would possess new challenges and which would help the soul understand itself.
The soul’s power is tremendous.every one has a potential to reach it,yet a very very few reach it.Since everything is one,once we understand the soul,we can travel through it.How this can be done is known only by the person.

By branding the soul as bad,what do we gain?what are sins?
as i had mentioned the purpose of the soul is fulfill its duties which it has set it self.We can call the soul Energy,then the energy can be used for different purposes and at different levels,you can’t use the energy of fusion to generate electricity,if you try to you will end up destroying things.Where as the sun uses the same thing to live.The soul too has different energy levels.though we cannot say what are these levels,we can see the difference.The flower,the cat,the dog,the lion,the elephant,the blue whale all have a soul so do we humans.Imagine if a flower has the power of a human?certain things are beyond explanations ,we can feel them and try to grasp them.

all is good
all is bad.

If you see the soul is every where,energy is neither created nor destroyed.Why bother of saying something bad and saying there is a devil?why bother?
If ever the devil is there he has to you.No use,the god is you too.If you feel you don’t need something leave it don’t say it is evil and work of devil,you too will have to go through it.Never regret anything.

so whats the use of this when all is one?
simple my heart told me to write and it is a part of the plan you have to read this.

*if you find any mistakes ,you are welcome to point it out.


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