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all of us pray,there is no exception think about it even though you don’t actually say something like oh!thee mighty lord..the omnipotent i pledge to be a follower of thee’s ways for humans and will always be full of virtue,amen. you do pray everyday and every second.why?
IF you hate you pray.
If you love you pray.
If you live you pray.
if you die you pray.
I pray for strength,
i pray for power,
i pray for security,
i pray for a fight
i pray for peace
i pray for death
i pray for a life
i pray for the sake
i pray for the hate.
I pray for you
i pray for me
i pray to myself
to say what i pray to
me,to my self.All i
say is what i feel
yet i do what is to
pray aloud inside my head
inside of me,for my
wants are more and
more and never less.
I pray for what I
seek and what i need
i strive to do
for i pray to you,
i pray to me.

prayer isn’t just something ending with amen.every word you utter is a prayer.You invoke your self in a prayer,it is a way to say i am here and i want to do it,to your self.It is a force which you apply to get it done.DO it believe is to love,to not to believe is also to love.You love your ideas,you love your love what you hate,because you love to hate it.Since love is everywhere,you pray. prayer is to love,love is the prayer.prayers are from the heart..whatever you say as a prayer is what you tell your self to do..sometimes there are things like mantras(mantra=a word which has been meditated upon)which aren’t prayers but the language of the hearts and messengers of nature(sun,sky,wind,fire,earth and water)..they help in understanding our selves.To become confident you talk to your self-you pray.
So a question comes why don’t prayers always give the result.How much did you pray,where you thinking only about the prayer or where you thinking of the negative effects of it(negative in the sense is something which you don’t feel you need)?
recently the indian team lost in the opening round of the world cup(read the brownie’s version it is lovely),there were poojas conducted in temples ,churches and mosques and basically everywhere,yet the lost,they were bothered only for the money which they got and not to win as a team.
It is prayer that holds a nation,
it is prayer which holds the world,
it is the prayer which keeps the universe intact,
it is the prayer that won independence,
it the prayer which makes you move,
it is the prayer that you walk,
it is the prayer you breath,
it is the prayer which you say,
it is you the prayer.

So whats the difference between praying in a temple from the one you say to yourself,every second?isn’t it the same?
If you are relishing the idea that everything is one,or there is no god what you say to your self would be the same as one you say in a place of worshiping,but for the people who go to the temple or any other place to offer prayers,it is just that they feel that the statue is a organism that holds the key,it is that they are ready to believe that life is controlled by something outside them,like a puppet on the strings(Even a puppet can move,with the help of wind it can,so does man depend on the the wind for life. )It is not wrong to do thus,the concept of idol worship was introduced by vyasa the teacher,who noted that people had started to lose the time,to realise things as the population grew,for that,he simplified things with the help of a idol.Each one had a symbolic meaning,the idea was that if you meditate on that(with the understanding of it’s structure and symbolism,you will be able to boost those areas),unfortunately as time went by,the world became more and more complicated
and people never realsied the need to think,they went to temples still but only to pray and list out there wants,no problem,still the basic thing the urge to work survived.But then a few came up with questions,the answers were lost as no one had the time to think about them,the ancient traditions of learning and the lineage that held the answers,were lost,so a few gave the answer-that a god,a mighty one,with a spade or whatever was the creator and that to question it was a plan,why not earn a living?simple isn’t it,so came the caste system ,the sins and what not else.But a few existed who did the questioning,and gave the answers.The bhagavath gita(it is apart of the mahabaratha written by vyasa) gave the answers,but people read it as just as sacred texts which wasn’t to be questioned or researched upon and so the entire meaning was lost and people simple read it as a duty and not for understanding its meaning.The ones who knew it kept it,they suppressed it for money.Yet there have been great thinkers who have researched upon the idea among them the buddha(he is considered as one of the ten avataras of vishnu or vasudeva the unknown,quite true,he did find himself,which atleast now according to me is the main criteria for becoming godly).later though there were many many great thinkers(the alvars,the nayanmars etc etc,the sufis etc.),the most important thinkers were adi sankara and ramanuja(they gave the advaitha and the vishishtadvaita respectively).these to philosophies are the base of the old one.back to main thing what is the difference?
it is actually nothing,except that you want to have the peace of knowing that there is someone else incharge of things rather than you being incharge of things.So what isn’t there actually a god.Well what if he’s gone on a holiday?you will shout out of you beast you whatever. (a truly blasphemous gift for the guy who was with you,great respect).Ok,so then why do we chant mantras?again it is back to the basic thing,you meditate upon something(if you are wondering why,try not to think of anything and just don’t see anything,inside your mind.),to reach the blankness.these words have been meditated upon by great people who have reached the state,so you are actually uttering something know to the things and you are trying to learn the language(when you chant,even if you don’t know the meaning,you feel peaceful,the language of peace,the lost language,the language of love.).

Love is a prayer,
peace is a prayer,
you are a prayer,
my idol is you,
my idol is me,
my idol is everything.

We walk to live,
we eat to live,
we breath to live
we pray to live
we die to live.

sorry for the long and winding post,but many things made me write-the last parts were this post by the-visitor(and the subsequent links) and the song(in the sidebar).
for another post see here-he was still a child


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