March 30, 2007 § Leave a comment

here is the 50th post.After nearly 10 months of blogging i have reached 50.So whats so great about 50?Is this also another number like 1,2,3??But we realise we have reached a land mark when we come across such a number.What the big difference between 49 and 50.It seems that 49 says that i am one away from 50. and 50 will make you think of the previous posts.So what have i really written? has anything been worth while reading and how have i developed?i can see my language has changed,i don’t no,its you people who have to say that.When it comes to a land mark,we need to mark it with something what can i do?another poem?poems poems poems even though i love them,i want to try and do something new. So whats going to be new?

ha,got an idea.I will write the first line,you guys write a story or a poem or post a picture with is the line.

“and so he dropped down”

.All the best!!!!Come on!!!

for my story see here- and so he dropped down


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