March 25, 2007 § Leave a comment

india won its freedom at midnight,thats a good reason for people to be sleeping,but my exams ended in the after the noon 1:30,so guess i need to doing a lot like kicking it all in mea three blogs(dough if thee asketh mea after the noon is also a good time to sleepeth!!). at last i forced my parents to get the TATA Sky,at last arsenal is back in my house,ole ole ho,the gunners are back,though they are out o the title race…even if shumi is out i can still watch ferrari go all shampooain with the flying kin(finn) kimi!wow!!they are back,with my version of fosters beer cold water to keep me going.Should try get some beer and maybe for the MONACO GP try and get the top spot on the balcony,if anybody can get me a ticket for !)) rs. i wld love it!!
ha,and on the court rafa is back!!! rafa rafa rafa!! atlast this year i watched him in the ATP(adenosine triphosphate){formed during light reaction from ADP(diphosphate) and inorganic phosphate}…quite nice,got tickets only for the quaters goody thinge too,he lost in the semis…cheap guy,can’t beat some old guy!!
anyeway the french is next him mamamiea courts tht the swiss cow(roger frederer) l be breathing down on his neck(rather muscles)….im crossing my fingers rafa pulls it out againb…
er…whats going on where is apna bharat ka sport cricket ??
well look at the timing atlast people of india wkae up and underrstand those goons are getiing money for nothing and breking houses,,a we lost,a good thinge,see they went to have fun,visitors ma,whats the use of winning,just a chota cup..who wants..i cant even drink in it,my signature rest donunt has better stuff…blah blah blah….

freedom at midnight….where art thou…free inida from cricket…free ticket to heaven..l for any 1 who does…sponors are waiting..the country is set but not the course..whats for main course>??


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