wow!!!am kinda learning you see!!

March 21, 2007 § 2 Comments

oh!!fish!the exams…blah blah…kinda your life is all on this…kick everything-just a little month,tie your self up in a room,learn 12hrs a day(sorry can’t 4 12 minutes)….dont play,don’t this don’t that,time is running(ok i am runnnig with it,i will try and catch it…..sorry its boring),dont think of anything(ya,guess thats what this education system is),you have been doing things pretty badly(wow!!!,gr8 i think you shld blame the teachers not me 4 not giving marks)….blah blah blah……

ok ok chill i will try to do it…..

so what do i do,i am sin seer you che,i have finished reading about 4 story books so am kinda learning…all the time..guess it helps to have the library in your room…you get tied up with lots of books…he he he he….i can’t be live it,i am kinda learning man!!learning to make as less noise as possible while searching 4 books at the back of the shelf….and becoming good at lieing(well,i am still learning and reding..y is that lieing??)


§ 2 Responses to wow!!!am kinda learning you see!!

  • Rob says:

    It is important not to lie to oneself if at all possible.

    Incidentally the spelling is not lieing but lying.

    I hope you enjoy your story books.

  • iamvisheshur says:

    ya enjoyed them!!
    i try avoiding lieing,so i manipulate what ever actually happened to fit my story..

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