what is good?what is bad?

March 12, 2007 § Leave a comment

confusion, these questions seem to be going in circles with only one answer coming to me-it is my choice.

here is a conversation between two people

>what is good?
what ever you feel is good is good.
Ok then i say nothing is good
then nothing is good.

>what is bad?
whatever you feel is bad is bad.
i say everything is bad
great everything is bad-it is a big bad world.

>what is a sin?
since you say everything is bad everything is a sin.
what ho!god forgive me,i will pay you a 100000 rupees.
third guy(lets say a priest) Sorry god is busy please give me the money,i will give it to him when is free.And he told me the other day he prefers checks as it takes a lot of time to count the cash.

so is paying money going to help you? i mean if ever there is a sin,then why would you pay for forgiveness?

ain’t that supposed to be realised by your self?

so what is all this good and bad?imaginations,creativity or just that we need something to hand over resposibility?


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