you are being watched!!!

March 5, 2007 § 8 Comments

how many times a day we get a feeling we are watched.When you off the lights before you go to bed after just closing a science fiction or a murder or any other book you get a feeling that the characters from the book are hiding and watching you.when you see out of the window you get mixed all up between emotions assuring yourself that perfectly that nothing is there and the humane fear which comfortable lay down with you.So are we really being watched?or is it just that we have been looked after by people i.e.our parents,teachers,brothers/sisters etc etc,from childhood that we have ‘THE FEELING’ tagged on to us still?


Then starts the actual treat-you start sleeping and get bombarded with all kinds of funny creatures like ghosts and maybe ya once in a while a karken??haunted-??
or are we just too involved in what ever we saw or read?or is it a reflection of our inner self? Or is it a place you visited once when you were a kid or maybe a place you visited in your past life??

Well then you hear people telling ‘the brave die only ones but cowards every second they live’-you get lost between everything-are you a coward of course not-i just wrote a board exam (without any nightmares on the previous night and I also didn’t show i was scared when a dog past me very closely synophobic)!!

anyway how come things get so deep into us??let be flowers or the sunrise/set….they just get into us..

So are we really being watched??


§ 8 Responses to you are being watched!!!

  • priya says:

    ‘the brave die only ones but cowards every second they live’.

    Braves look ahead and the cowards go back and thaz the difference.

    Hope you did well in your papers.

  • Mystic Rose says:

    you ARE being watched! but you can catch them at it..just turn back very quickly, you have to be superfast though becos they are faster than thought, try to be a bit unpredictable, like enxt time you feel like osmehtings i the hadows watching you, instead of hiding, jtake big leap and get to it and make sure you grasp it…

    :)) btw, have u seen monsters,inc? you should!

    and if u have seen that, make sure you catch the omen, and the exorcist, and poltergeist(is that the name??) wait about half an hour after youve had your dinner…Very IMP.

  • iamvisheshur says:

    @priya:guess thats the difference…my exams are still going on..infact only one is over….

  • iamvisheshur says:

    @mystic rose:ha yes..but what if they are in some other planet or galaxy??

    yes i think i have seen monster inc…

  • Mystic Rose says:

    hi vishesh,
    :). was just kidding you before.
    its perfectly normal to have strange fears etc. it takes some time to grow out of these. i remember when i was little, and i was fairly certain after some nights of observing, that somehting was in a tree and one night, middle of the night, my grandfather took me to it and made me look at it from all angles and distances, just to convince me that it is a play of light nad shadows, and the wind moving over the leaves…and thats been a big lessson becos I learnt to observe with my brain and see whats out there and not just rely on my mind, the mind uses it’s past experiences and come up with all sorts of evidence, it can recall past smells, fears, sights, words, sounds as if its happening right now.
    Its amatter of belief and going beyond that to see what is, the self is beyond all that, indestructible and nothing affects that.
    dont watch those movies, 🙂 , although i never get nightmares and dont believe in all that, i still find them a bit repulsive.
    end of lecture. sorry. 🙂

  • iamvisheshur says:

    @mystic rose:lol!!

  • L>T says:

    I used to get that feeling much more then I do now. I think it’s because I’m older & have less imagination. Funny thing, it happens when I’m alone. Maybe we are never alone, huh?

    Even though i’m not superstious, sometimes i can feel the presence of someone not there. I have some friends that lost their 2 children in a car crash ten years ago. The presence of those children are strong in the house.

    I think the feeling that someone’s around, has to do with the emotions that are attached to the circumstance. Emotions tend to linger after the event…

  • iamvisheshur says:

    @l>t:if you believe in ghosts then i can assure they are there-i have seen one when i was young-i never knew what were ghosts n all then-i was too young for that-later when my parents got some kinda guy-he told there was a spirit there-i still remember-but i
    am not scared of anything..

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