March 2, 2007 § 14 Comments

ok Srijith Unni has tagged me..
ten things that define my style:
writing poetry:i just love it.I keep writing all the time,not even the night before my exams is an excuse..of course writing normal stuff too…
-football:ok,this one is it..i cant live without football(as if i can without poetry)..i don’t care how good
or bad i am at it,i just love the game!It means a lot,it helps me think faster,learnt a bit or two about pain, physics etc,etc…
-playing my violin:music makes you lose control-indeed,i loose myself,it takes little time for music to take you over and i didn’t believe it until i started playing my violin ….
-reading: my blog roll will tell you that…i love reading- if i start reading a book,im in that world,it becomes confusing im lost,i make comments similar to the characters-sometimes i identify myself with one person in that book-no wonder…when dumbledore died..
-photos: let it be any thing which looks interesting, my camera is out i don’t care what the hell it is(btw.this mass upload by flickr is good try it,you can upload a lot of photos at a time)
-talking:whats so special about this??
well well the guy who bugs the most…i start and you can’t stop me….guess my class mates will tell you better…just let me at it!
-India:I love my country and hate it…lol!!
funny-from the stupid god knows why nuclear deal to lokals of chennai political discussions or just another protest or another murder or dimple questioning about where the hell are we heading…..the beauty of ajantha..the ecr……the pondy bazar…..the pothys..saravana stores…pour people maaa…..this is india..poor indded!!!scrooges!!
-CVIAN:my school chinmaya vidyalaya(search in orkut 4 chinmaya vidyalaya,chennai,kilpauk,9-b taylors road)…….this has been my home for the past cho many years a bit of trouble here and there..and of course my adjually( adjually our honourable prinicipal mr.Satyamoorty sir )..vasanthi mam…….all the stupid fights…the swamijis….HARI OM!!
-thinking:what else is man for..to sleep ?? maybe ya??

everything i left:comon im forgetful(how did i remember this tag??)..i dont like to forget anything….

i tag priya ,l>t
shiva mystic rose


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