January 12, 2007 § 7 Comments

what is love??
-a feeling of attchment??
-a flow of affection??
-bond between you and someone/something??
The wikipedia defines love as

Love is a basic dimension of human experience that is variously conveyed as a sense of tender affection, an intense attraction, the foundation of intimacy and good interpersonal chemistry, willing self-sacrifice on behalf of another, and as an ineffable sense of affinity or connection to nature, other living beings, or even that which is unseen. It manifests itself in feelings, emotion, behavior, thoughts, perception and attitude. It influences, underlies and defines major patterns in interpersonal relationships and self-identification.

seems complicated doesnt it??
onething is sure you can only feel it and its aura.You know when you are in love.Untill then you dont no what love is.What ever we think has love behind it.Love makes you attached to someone or thing,you realise it only when you are away from it.A friend who is miles away,that one person whom you met,incase you are staying abroad away from your family and friends-you know you need them you think what they told you and also think what they might think of your action.
Love in a way creats responsibility.It is because you love someone or something you do things which you do.You help the people whom you lovewhen they need,you strive to meet their expectations and ofcourse seek their praise.It also fuels you to live and enjoy life and keep reaching for more and to push your self the extra mile.

Friendship involves love.Many think that if you love a your best friend(of the same gender)you are a homosexual,but do you understand what these people mean to your life.Every person is a catalyst for actions to take place love gets you closer to the person and you dare to talk of your problems/failures openly and it renews the confidens by assuring you that there is someone whom you love.
All can be done and said we can only feel love.we cant describe it,it is what it means to you in your life-it sure has meant a lot to me.One thing is sure love is the unknown force which surely isnt an illusion it is constant nothing can destroy it because it is powered by faith and hope.
It is common to all of us even beasts and plants afterall all of us are made of one unknown force.


§ 7 Responses to love

  • alex says:

    Yes. Experiencing love.

    The point you made about loving the ‘same sex’ is very valid.

    Love is eternal. It is not demanding. It is absolute freedom. It is also like speaking without talking.

    Great thoughts. 🙂

  • iamvisheshur says:

    @alex:thank you!!:-)

  • QUASAR9 says:

    Hi Vishesh, nice blog!
    Like your exploration of the universe – and love – in this post.
    Life is full of wonders, the more we seek, the more we observe, and the more we reflect & contemplate, the better our understanding should grow to be.

  • iamvisheshur says:

    @quasar9:well the pic is not of the universe it is of rain drops falling….i agree with you

  • L>T says:

    i thought it was the universe, too. Great post, BTW! I think i’m finally getting some of what you’ve been talking about in your previous posts. One thing I found interesting is this wikipedia definition for love: It manifests itself in feelings, emotion, behavior, thoughts, perception and attitude. It influences, underlies and defines major patterns in interpersonal relationships and self-identification.

    It makes me realize love is more important then just being an emotion. I think a lot of us take it for granted. & you are right! it isn’t an illusion.
    I’m not used to thinking about it like that…

  • iamvisheshur says:

    yup love is more than an emotion imagine without love will you exist??

  • L>T says:

    Would I exist with out it? I don’t know.

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