there is some thing beyond everything

December 23, 2006 § 2 Comments

every time I see the sky i get this feeling..
it is either blue,stormy,grey,black or a mix of so many colours.
but it hides so many things which we cant see including
the space- something too enchanting to be fit into the human view.
How much do we see the space- even hubble has a limit,doesnt it??
what is the universe made up of??
matter and anti-matter??
or are there more things??
what are we humans??mere players performing our parts as shakespeare put it??
or are we more complicated that our purpose has been lost over the centuries??
what art does our life need to control our emotions and live it with a desire to reach the unknown power??
we are a part of the unknown there is no question..every time we sleep or close our eyes to meditate we see the power and atleast unknowingly talk with it.
what lies beyond this body (a mortal form which is wraped up in a illusion called time)??
while we talk of souls and powers do we feel them in us?
or is it all an illusion??
so many centuries of human existience have passed..but what is our need and why are each one of us special??
what purpose do we have in this vast chess board??
while the elements are five(earth,fire,wind,sky,water) and three(satvic,tamasic,rajasic) and the panetry celestials seem to have influence on each of us,do we realise that we are belived into these and thus inocculate a feeling of slavery to these..
is it possible to rule all these??
i think not it is better to befriend them as they are sure of their purpose better than us so we have no right to judge them..
but what makes everything to be something..
surely there is some thing beyond everything which controls and rules..
or all of us would be a einstine or a hitler or a gandhi or a edison or a newton or a shakespeare..
but since that something has inposed its shadow on us and it is the truth we can become that thus becoming us or that becoming us..


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