November 29, 2006 § 4 Comments

Time and tide wait for no man???
but who created time??
ofcourse we humans did .so is time again another factor which we creators created and can’t control..
yes u can argue that time is what governs the universe but all in earths scale??
all done and said all the great men to have walked the earth have had thier views but haveany of thought abt time deeply??
what can time be??
what if it never existed and is just an illusion??
what is the only constant thing on earth??
we are so close yet so far??
if light is used as the base of time then??
im just nt able to fit all my thoughts into this posts….
but im looking for answers hope all u pass by leave 1..


§ 4 Responses to Time

  • Jean says:

    seriously dude…U cum up wid the wierdest things…lol!

  • iamvisheshur says:

    weird they sem to u but they really r worth thinking…

  • L>T says:

    I’ve always thought that maybe time only exsisted in this reality. Time is neccesary for organic life. maybe instead of an illusion, this life is is just wrapped inside another reality.

    BTW, I haven’t let go of our other conversation. I am soon getting a course on “Emerson, Thoreau, And the Transcendentalist Movement” maybe these are the western poets you speak of?

  • iamvisheshur says:

    yes maybe true time is inside another realitiy..but if it is illusion isint it??
    we are not arware of it are we so that becomes illusion..it really makes us wonder how true is history
    !?orgain life-what can we call as orgainic life??
    maybe it all lies in einstine’s findings..
    yes i have heard of him..i think he is one of them
    my fav author is paulo coelho(u can find his blog on in my blogroll)..

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