to be or not be??

November 2, 2006 § 13 Comments

A UNIVERSALLY accepted line and a very famous one to spoken by hamlet.
So thinking at this where are we all are meant to be like this or not to be??
is it good to be informed certain things or not??
is it good to be helpful,human,loveabe,peaceful person??or not to be??
is it good to be a man??or not to be??
is it good to be in knowledge of life??or not to be??
is it good to be above everything?? or not to be??
is it good to be a money minded person??or not be??
we can add so much i dont have the strength to add them all

§ 13 Responses to to be or not be??

  • L>T says:

    To be or not to be…To be alive or be ??? One we know & do not appreicate, the other is alluring…???

  • iamvisheshur says:

    everything in this world is illusion called as yogamaya…
    what is alluring can be an illusion or what isn’t true..
    so like hamlet we need to verify before acting…

  • L>T says:

    well, being dead (the other “Not To be…”) is not acting…or is it?

    I understand Descartes better, “I think therefor I am.” whether that will apply in the neither world remains to be seen. 🙂

  • iamvisheshur says:

    being dead can also be an illusion..ill write abt it later

  • AssasinNightmare says:

    This question drives me CRAZY!!!!
    I dont know da answer for TO BE oR NOT TO BE. but then it definitely is great to be A MAN. Bein dead is no illusion whatsoever unless ur fakin it man.

  • iamvisheshur says:

    y harsha how come u dont have an answer..anyway death can be and is an illusion…

  • AssasinNightmare says:

    so then my upgraded url address is

  • AssasinNightmare says:

    probability(death is an illusion)
    total outcomes: 3
    favourable: 0
    there4, death isn’t an illusion.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m not writin my detailed explanation here.but.most of th things you’re askn r if they are socially being good.good happens only cuz ppl do things that are disliked.this leads to creation of “bad”.ppl who are paradoxes to this are considered good.and when you get down to it.all you’re askn is if those things are socially acceptable.well—I say fuck society.fuck everyone haha.but truth is you dont have to do somethn u dont want 2 unless its gonna have huge influence…….

  • iamvisheshur says:

    @harsha:what accoring to u r the three probabilities??
    @g:man it aint abt the good and can be that bad is good..
    and good is bad..

  • L>T says:

    ILLUSION; a mistaken idea. misconception. misleading visual image.
    O.K. death can be an illusion, but it can also be a reality. Depends on who ‘s depiction of death it is???

  • iamvisheshur says:

    @l>t:ha now i understand y ppl are not able to understand what an illusion is…thanks 4 dictonary meaning..ill write in a couple of days abt what an illusion is and what i mean by death as an illusion..

  • L>T says:

    drop me a line when you do it, O.K?

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