August 11, 2006 § 5 Comments

i those of u who have seen my blog say its like tooo much of fotball….
i feel that its time i thought of serious things….
like the current situtation in the world…
first of all what ever i say i dont mean to offend any1.

it is really bad that the world is being led by U.S.A. and its allies….
all the other countries seem to not respond to this.
esp.ones with the nukes…Israle and U.S.A in d name of fighting terrorism are going and killing and destroying many kids and civilans….
the children r d main sufferers they face tarumic experiences..when they r supposed to be enjoying……
the U.N.( funded by U.S.A)is not taking any action……
what did young children do??
r they responsible 4 d action of elders??
its time we all try to do sumthing..
were r the NGO’s and were is UNICEF?
its really pitible….

saying all this is due to terrorism is really bad…
we do not realise that we r spoiling young minds with violence..
this this makes the children when they grow older to become anti social…
their dreams r literally blow away??
the adults will feel a need to fight 4 there lost things..
y not we try to solve all this in d Gandhian way??
when terrorists kidnap or plan to blow up sum place we do not try to stop them…
all this seems inhuman ….
© 2006 by VISHESH UNNI R


§ 5 Responses to HAS THE WORLD GONE NUTS??

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