June 21, 2006 § 1 Comment

hi, hello,gud morning,gud afternoon,gud evening,hari om, vanakam……
this vishesh unni r
or if u know me u ll call me what ever u want..
ya i know i’m blabbering….
but this is 4 that rite..
so all of u live rite…..
or r u driven mad by everone to death…
welll the best way to handle this is to have ur hands on the wheel…
yup ur life is ur wheel..so just catch it n drive it..
ok no more blabber…..
i my self fell like a loser now…
okie i didnt do well in 1 exam so whats the big deal…
any way i just want u all to tell sum interesting stories….
real i mean…from which u have learnt stuff(gud or bad)..
so ill be posting stories……soon
that is if i live
bye 4 now…..


§ One Response to hello

  • sharanya says:

    hmmm…. well i guess leaving a comment here was something i’ve really wanted to do for quite sometime but never really got the mood to do it… hee hee… well vishesh… i should say that u’ve put in a lot of interesting articles.. copyrighted by you… they’re really very thought provoking and touching ones that make u give it a second reading and really think abt it… hmmmm… as for the football… guess every page does need a bit of entertainment… so… hats off to u dear and keep up the amazing work… bingo! tc..

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